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Our aim is to get you the settlement you deserve and provide you with a comprehensive legal solution for all your personal injury needs. We have an extremely qualified team of attorneys and staff with 50+ years of combined experience.

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At Nguyen & Associates Law Firm, every case is contingent on a fee agreement. If we do not win, there will be no fees owed.

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Our success rate is over 99% and we have obtained millions through verdicts and settlements.

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Handling Injury and Accident Claims For Many Years

Nguyen & Associates Injury Law Firm is a personal injury law firm that specializes in all injury-related cases. We are conveniently located at 290 and 610 near the Timbergrove area of Houston, Texas. Our team at Nguyen & Associates Injury Law Firm has handled thousands of personal injury-related claims and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

Our attorneys at Nguyen & Associates Injury Law Firm are highly knowledgeable and experienced in handling injury claims. We are dedicated to keeping our clients well-informed and educated throughout the entire process of the lawsuit, from start to finish.

Our aim is to deliver comprehensive legal solutions for any and all legal needs of our clients. We have an extremely qualified and responsive team of lawyers, comprising young as well as senior legal professionals who have gained experience in their specific areas of law. Our focus is on identifying our clients' needs down to the last detail, ensuring that our work is technically faultless and ultimately exceeding our clients' expectations. Building a knowledge center and redefining legal services is our mission and commitment. In addition, "Justice for all" is our motto.

Our Practice Areas

Our focus is simple – to help our clients win their cases and get their lives back on track. If you're looking for a personal injury law firm in Houston, please take a look at our featured practice areas to see how our injury attorneys can assist you.

You take care of yourself. We’ll take care of the rest.

When you're in an accident, it can be overwhelming. But with our representation, we take care of everything - arranging for your medical treatment and ensuring you have a rental car. This way, you can focus on yourself. While we handle the legal aspects, here's what else you can expect from us, at no extra cost:

We will connect you with doctors able to treat your injuries without any need for health insurance upfront, as it's on us.

We'll also handle arranging repairs or getting a replacement for your vehicle, including if it's leased or financed.

While your vehicle is being fixed, we'll make sure you have a rental car so you can carry on with your daily life.

Once your case is over, we will endeavor to reduce or even eliminate your medical bills to lower your healthcare costs.

We are here to make your life easier, just like an all-inclusive resort where we take care of everything, so you can focus on yourself.

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Nguyen & Associates Law Firm, PLLC

Nguyen & Associates Injury Law Firm sets the standard for legal expertise. Their backgrounds are unparalleled. With Vu Nguyen and Harrison Nguyen, you have two esteemed attorneys who possess invaluable expertise to represent you with confidence.



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